Beloved host Michela from Rome is embarking on a cross-country trip throughout the USA. In honor of this special occasion, several American Eatwith hosts in cities across the country are hosting pop up dinners where they’ll cook together with Michela! Don’t miss this unique opportunity to enjoy Michela’s classic Italian cuisine, fused with the culinary talents of our local US co-hosts, at a dining experience that you’ll never forget!

Michela and Paolo

How did this cross-continent trip come about? What do you hope to achieve? What are you most excited about?

The idea came about by my desire to visit the new friends that I’ve made through hosting in my home in Rome. They’ve invited me to their homes so that we can spend some time together visiting their city and cooking for their friends and family, too. My idea is to be something like an “itinerant host”, with a luggage full of typical products from Italy, going around the country and cooking in the homes of my guests, friends, and other hosts like me. I think my trip to the USA is a great opportunity for me and for the people who will host me! It’s my first time in the USA, I’m so excited to visit a new country with many friends and to cook for them, making dinners and hosting cooking classes together. I’d also love to take a good surf lesson! 

What food do you want to try in the US?

I’m so curious about the local food! I want to try the local beef and the international restaurants from all over the world.

Tell us about yourself and your foodie story. How did you get into cooking?

My love and passion for food were inspired by my roots. I’m originally from Naples so I have the natural Neapolitan aptitude for hospitality, cooking traditional Italian dishes, laughter, and conversation! Before we started hosting I worked in a restaurant in the historic center of Rome and studied in a professional pastry academy. I started hosting people from all over the world in my home for the joy of sharing all this. My dining experience was featured on an Italian food program on local television, and was named the best ‘home restaurant’ in Rome!

Michela Rome

When and why did you start hosting on Eatwith?

About 2 years ago I started hosting people from all over the world in my home for the joy of sharing all our traditions and the love for Italian food and warm hospitality.

Who is your foodie inspiration?

My culinary inspiration is my Italian roots and our traditions.

What is your favorite cuisine and why?

My favorite cuisine is traditional Neapolitan cuisine, but I also love many dishes from other Italian regions, such as those from traditional Roman cuisine. My favorite dish is “Parmigiana di melanzane” (eggplant parmesan), made with my grandmother’s recipe. But my guests love my Tiramisu, too.


Tell us about your Eatwith experience. What can guests expect from your event?

Our dinner is a combination of traditional recipes from the regions of Lazio and Campania, cooked by me and my old friend Paolo, a professional chef. We make homemade pasta and we use only seasonal products that I buy in the morning from the largest food market in Rome. I love to decorate the table with fresh flowers and we host our guests in my apartment located in the historical “Trastevere” neighborhood. My home is very charming and warm, with a beautiful view of the Tiber river. Within a few minutes of arriving, our guests feel like old friends, no matter where they come from. It’s like magic!

What message or feeling do you want people to take away after they’ve tasted your cooking?

I want them to feel like they’ve met a real Italian foodie family and that they’ve made a great new friendship.

Michela Paolo Rome

What is your favorite part about hosting with Eatwith?

My favorite part about hosting is the unique connection with my guests. It’s the beginning of a great human story, one where new friends are made and cherished forever!

What’s your most memorable story about your guests?

There are many unforgettable stories about my guests, but a special one is about my guest Ira from San Francisco. When he was in my home he came with a special present: a licence plate from New York. During the dinner we started an incredible friendship and we promised to keep in touch. When he came back to Rome with his lovely wife, they invited me to have dinner together in one of the best restaurants in Rome. Now they’re hosting me in their home in San Francisco and they’re planning many special days in a winery around San Francisco. I’m so excited! 


If you want to catch Michela at one of her US pop-ups, be sure to check them out here!